Searching for your symptoms online is a terrible idea. Every time you feel something uncomfortable in your body, the first thing you do is go and ask the internet what are the reasons why you have this discomfort. Later you will find yourself feeling anxious that you might have a serious illness and thinking that you might need to go to the hospital. These online symptom checkers or applications are like never-ending maze plus not to mention the anxiety that comes with it. Most of the sites that you think are helping you diagnosing your health condition are inaccurate and people should not rely on them.

The accuracy of the information that you gathered on the internet is not reliable. People who are doing online self-diagnosis are driven by fear that they might have a serious condition when they are not and it may lead them to search more information that may lead to a different diagnosis and made them think that they have a serious illness and that they need to seek immediate medical attention. This type of condition is called hypochondriasis.

So from now on step away from your computer if you are trying to search again about your health. I know that it is far cheaper than going to the doctor but it is not the right thing to do. You may find out what is wrong with you but there is a big 


It is an illness anxiety disorder, this is due to excessive fear or thinking that they have a serious disease based on physical signs and symptoms. 


There is a high possibility that it may because of the paranoia that is associated with this condition. It shows that people who have a high level of anxiety are more at risk or heart illness.


* Normal body function is often mistaken as abnormal for them and they always think that this is symptoms of more serious health problems.

* People with hypochondria are constantly checking their body for signs of illness.

* People with hypochondriasis may focus its attention on one particular organ like heart or might focus in one condition like high blood pressure that may lead to heart attack and stroke or they fear one disease after another.

* They regularly talk about illnesses and they may make frequent visits to their doctors.

* They spend an amount of time searching the internet for any possible symptoms of illness.

* They will become a skeptic and will not feel relief even when their results come back negative and sometime it will make them feel more anxious.

* Some are avoiding to be checked because they are afraid to find out that they have an illness

* They avoid places, people and activities that think will put their health at risk.


People with hypochondria can spend months or sometimes years feeling worried that they may be sick and they sometimes spend a period of time  in between thinking that they are well and healthy. Recovery is common with people who have depression or anxiety and if they respond well to treatments, they make see a good outcome and live normally.

The next time, keep yourself away from the computer because you might be tempted to search the internet again for unreliable information about your health and anxiety will strike again.