There are ways where you can seek for medical advice. One is by setting an appointment with a doctor to a clinic or in a hospital to be checked and the one that we will tackle right now is online health advice. Today, the internet is becoming more useful not only for entertainment but also for medical use. Going to the doctor's clinic or in a hospital can be very expensive, not to mention the time, effort and money you need to spend. 

The most annoying part is that when you discover that it is only a minor scratch and nowadays you can get advice and answers about your questions from a doctor in the comfort of your own home which is less time consuming and with just a few clicks and its free.

Diagnosing illnesses and symptoms is somehow simple and having enough knowledge about what your condition is will prepare you and help you decide whether or not you need to seek medical attention or you can deal with it yourself. 

Make sure that you get your medical advice from a trusted reliable source. Most of the time people will seek answers from the internet but not all the information that you get from the internet are true. But, there are a few websites and forums that will provide you with free medical advice and answer your questions. 

You can browse the internet for those websites that offer free advice about medical health and try them yourself. You will be able to talk to experts and medical providers. 

You can save time, energy, effort and money for trying this online advice and others also offer a money-back guarantee if the expectation is not met.

There is also free live chat with medical providers and professionals, this will allow you to chat with qualified and registered doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists anytime and anywhere for free. You can also send medical reports and lab result to further help professional medical providers to deeply understand your health condition. 

If the condition that you have is serious then you have the option to request a doctor in your house and also you can have a video consultation. This new online medical advice will help you to have a hassle-free healthcare experience while you are in the comfort of your own home. 

The benefit of live chat is that it allows patients to talk with professional healthcare providers through one on one conversation in real-time by question and answer. They provide individualized advice on different sorts of health issues and this will surely lower your healthcare cost.

PRO's and CON's


Through online medical advice, this will help you lower your health care expenses, so it won't hurt for people to turn and ask for help online before they make any doctor's appointment. For example, having a body temperature of 101 F does not require to go to the doctor, you can take some time and use your resources to manage your body temperature like doing a tepid sponge bath. Another example is for pregnant woman, they can also use the internet to have an online guide that will help her prepare and understand the thing to expect during her pregnancy. Internet also helps people with chronic conditions to improve their emotional well being by providing online community. In this way, it helps people to avoid expenses.


Keep in mind that not all websites are created equally. Some are making you think that they are authentic and trustworthy but they are run by people without any medical background. These websites provide false information to people about the negative effect of some medicines and encourage them not to take those medications. Another problem is that some of the websites you encounter only have little knowledge and this may lead to great danger not only to you but also to your family.