This is a process of identifying any medical condition of oneself. This may be with the help of a medical book, internet, and past experiences. By doing self-diagnosis, you may be prone to potential danger not only to simple illnesses but also with chronic diseases. This practice is prohibited by the government because of the danger that accompanies it. Even doctors are not permitted to diagnose themselves because they are no excuse for errors especially if it is not on their field of expertise.  

One of the greatest dangers of self-diagnosis is missing something that you cannot see or think that you might be sicker than you are. this is also the resort of people who are in denial about what they feel.

Self-diagnosis is also applicable in other situations, some people often go to pharmacies and buy over the counter drugs because they already know what is the cure of their disease, for example, people who have head lice try to buy a parasitic shampoo or ointment to lessen the infestation in their head. Another example is headache or common cold, these are some of the conditions that are obvious and can be easily diagnosed so people will not go to doctors anymore and just go directly to pharmacies to buy medicine appropriate for their conditions.

When you are self-diagnosing you are assuming and it is very dangerous because you may miss what is going on in your body. for example, stomach aches, not all stomach aches are simple stomach pain but there are instances that this is associated with a heart attack.

A formal diagnosis from a professional healthcare provider is a very important step in healing the physical and mental illnesses, This provides the patient with a clear understanding and guide to wellness and people need to see their doctors to get these informations. Patients need to undergo tests and questioning to rule out all possibilities and gather all necessary information to get to the root of the discomfort that the person feels.

Some if not all skip this part and they directly make their way to the internet to get the answers they want and diagnose their diseases. Most people spend hours looking for information online that they think might help them with their condition. They read all prevention, treatments and other ways to manage their health and trying to make believe that what they discover will help them. But one of the information that they do not know is that the internet sometimes provides pieces of information about serious types of illnesses.

For example, people are searching online for headache and thewy encountered bunch of information but then it is just only a simple allergy or common cold or fatigue but people who are searching online are trying to walk away from that information instead they might think that they have a brain tumor or any other serious illness.

It is hard to know the answer to why people are doing this but it is very important to know that web searches will possibly make your illness more serious than it helps.