Is delivery of nursing care by the use of digital equipment. they can now reach their patients though cellphones, video calls, computers and other audio visual accessories. They use technology to deliver care to communities, families and patients in remote places and vice versa.


This can be done anywhere, nurse make use of the present technology to medical sessions like homes, clinics and hospitals and even in prisons.

In times of emergencies, nurses can utilize the use of technology to monitor patients oxygen levels, heart rates, respiration, blood sugar and many more.

Patients contact nurses though telehealth to get immediate help. in a non emergency cases, nurses can instruct patients the step by step on how to dress a wound or treat minor burns.


These are the time where the nurses or any medical health providers cannot get to patients quickly are some of the ideal situations where telehealth nursing comes in. When calamities and disasters strikes, telehealth nurses can immidiately provide medical care as soon as the telecommunications are available. 


  • S-symptoms
  • C-characteristics
  • H-history
  • O-onset and duration
  • L-location
  • A-aggravating or associated factors
  • R-relieving factors

Telehealth nurses possess critical thinking skills, they know when to probe to extract more more important information and any other signs and symptoms from the caller. Good listening skills is also important this also helps in providing accurate form of care to the patient.  Visual learning is also vital in telehealth nursing, this is important in giving example and clear description.

Telehealth nursing is the interaction between the nurse and the patient in the call. so, while on set of the call, the nurse can picture out on his or her mind the the situation of the patient through communication and assessment.