Symptom checker is what doctors used to be able to know all possible causes of an illness and also a way to figure out what is the best treatment method to use to get back to normal body function and also to determine if when to see a doctor. Online symptom checker is for informational purposes only and is not a good way to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment plans made by actual health care providers. Remember not to ignore any advice from a professional health care provider when you seek out for a treatment on your illness just because you have read some information on the internet that you think might interests you more than what the doctor advised you.


Keep in mind that these symptom checkers are all free and available in the general public on the internet.


This symptom checker ranked 71% accurate in the terms of diagnosis and also in triage advice to their patients.  This is a disease calculator that is using 500,000 records to gauge the possible cause of the disease. Other than providing a diagnosis to their patients, symcat also provide other services like scheduling appointments and give direction to patient to any available emergency clinics near their area. Symcat is also available in mobile applications.


This type of symptom checker is using a web-based diagnosis checklist system tool. They are a computer-based diagnostic aid and they ranked 69% accurate.

3. AskMD

This is the symptom checker used by sharecare. They are a social network that allows their patients to maintain their health profile online and they are ranked as 68% accurate.

4. DocResponse

This type of symptom checker is supported by a group of board-certified physicians. It recognizes itself as the most user-friendly online diagnostic tool than their competitors and they are ranked as 67%.

5. iTriage

This tool is both a symptom checker as well as a health literacy tool, they also allow their patients to connect with care options and they manage their health information securely. They are available in mobile application and they are ranked as 64% accurate.

6.  Mayo Clinic

This online symptom checker is maintained by the Mayo Clinic and is ranked as 59% accurate.

7. FamilyDoctor

This is a tool for the health of the American Academy of Family Physicians. It gives their patients a flowchart about symptoms and by doing this, they allow their patients to simply arrive at a possible potential diagnosis and they are ranked as  56% accurate.

8. Healthline

This online symptom checker is managed by an experienced professional health care provider with the help of skilled writers to provide potential diagnosis information and they are ranked as 53% accurate.

9. HMS Family Health Guide

This type of symptom checker is hosted by Harvard Medical School and they are ranked as 52% accurate.

10. WebMD

This type of online symptom checker allows their patients to check their symptoms as well as get health information related to their query plus print a report which they can use as a guide for their physicians. This online symptom checker is also available in mobile application and they are ranked as 51% accurate.