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Introducing World First RobotDoctor

Hi Genie: Your wish is my command ®

Start taking to the RobotDoctor by saying "Hi Genie". Genie can educate you about your common medical conditions so that you can decide between visiting the emergency room versus contacting your primary care physician.

All of it is done by voice command! Genie is the world's first RobotDoctor.

The RobotDoctor can be purchased for remote patient monitoring only if any of your Human Doctor agrees to supervise it's suggestion. We strongly recommend patients to consult with Human Doctors and not to depend on unsupervised RobotDoctor recommendations as it is for education purposes only. Please call 911 for medical emergencies.

How to get RobotDoctor?

Genie is powered by Doctor Ai®

1. Get a Laptop or Desktop Computer

2. Visit www.hiGenie.io

3. Order RobotDoctor

4. Get Doctor Ai App from App Store or Google Play

5. Use Doctor Ai userid and password for RobotDoctor

6. Enjoy your RobotDoctor


Differential Diagnoses Generator

Diagnosis Confirmation System

Evidence Based Treatment Protocols

For Common Medical Problems


What Question
to Ask

Know RX

Artificial Intelligence

Based Automated Patient Support

It can reduce unnecessary treatments and defensive medicine practices through the standardization of diagnostic criteria.

It can improve patient care by reducing patient wait times, delays in diagnosis and treatment, and the likelihood of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

It can deliver high-quality medical information and diagnostic capabilities at nominal costs and improve health conditions for common medical conditions.

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Artificial intelligence based automated patient support

Free Covid-19 screening

Free Screening for 400+ Diagnoses

AI Based Patient Triage
for ER Visit

AI Based Personal Medical Record for Patient

Doctor Ai®

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Humanize medicine and reduce care delivery expenses using DOCTOR Ai. We offer readmission prevention, length of stay reduction, unnecessary test prevention programs along with hospital-owned AI-supported telemedicine platform.

Our waiting room Ai for emergency department and ambulatory care clinics are designed to reduce overhead expenses. The Ai-supported medical education programs can be used in teaching medical students, residents, nurses and nurse practitioners. CMS approved remote patient monitoring of your Medicare patients can pay for the readmission prevention program in your system.

Doctor Ai can serve as virtual primary care. Most of the common medical problems can be treated using this module where face to face visit may not be necessary. Usually, diseases develop gradually and all its symptoms do not appear at the same time. Unlimited AI access will allow patients to test their symptoms multiple times during the course of a certain disease development process. Our services include both acute care and chronic care as well as both simple and complex medical problems. However, we strongly encourage patient to consult with physicians and not to depend on unsupervised AI recommendations. Please call 911 for emergency situations.